San Mai Fighter –$1100

Nickle and W1 mix over W1 core , brushed and heat colored mild steel guard, stainless pin and spacer, Handle is textured and polished Gaboon ebony.

W1 bird and trout -$450

Forged W1 blade with nice hamon, spacer is vintage Westinghouse black paper micarta, the handle is India sambar stag.

Forged 1078 edc-$240

Forged from 1078 hex stock, has a hamon, and the handles are bronze panels copper pins.

1080 Bushcraft -$370

Hollow ground 1080, satin finish, scales are vintage Westinghouse black paper micarta ,pins are hollow stainless tubing.

Forged kukri $600

Forged from 1″ round W1, through tang with threaded on pommel, fittings are 1018, handle is stacked leather. Has some forge finish left on blade and a forces patina.